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Areas of Practice​

Real Estate

We are able to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs from Sale, Purchase, Mortgage, Refinance, Construction Mortgage and Family Transfers.

Real Estate is a large part of the practice with a depth of experience at all levels - from lawyer to support staff. Having encountered many varied situations we have developed an effecient and effective process for Real Estate Transactions.



Incorporations, corporate office, corporate structring/restructuring, commercial transactions/contracts, personal gaurantees, and legal work for general business/commercial operations are all included in our offering to our clients in this area of law.

Trevor`s undergratuate Commerce Degreee is a great asset to understanding and guiding our corporate clients and assisting in business/commercial transactions.


Drafting of Court Documents, notice to beneficiaries, final estate accounting, legal process in sale/transfer of deceased`s real estate, all completed working closely with the executors of the estate.

We assist our clients in a range of ways regarding their loved ones estate. We can help our clients with just where to start and range up to completing not only the surrogate court grant but assist in wrapping up the estate as well.


Personal Directives & Power of Attorneys

 In addition to Wills, we draft Personal Directives and Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

We are happy to explain the purpose and parts of not only the Will but also the Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney. We Work with our clients to draft each document that is right for them and is able to remain valid for years to come even with changes in assets and child beneficiaries.

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